#164 – Head Hanging Like a Hat on a Hook

Are you sitting at your desk reading this? How is your posture? Are you slumped, slouched or slanted?

What about your head? Since it was impossible to call up Leonardo's spirit to assist me in drawing, you'll have to make do with my attempts to portray the not-so-nice anterior head forward position. Read below for things you can do to prevent/correct this.

auntie stress how to sit at your desk


  1. Develop awareness about how you are sitting.
  2. Remember that reinforcing this posture can lead to pain and degeneration.
  3. Strengthen your core so that you can sit straighter for longer.
  4. Use Ctrl +++ to enlarge the print on your screen.
  5. Get up from your computer on a regular basis.
  6. While you are realigning your seating position, you may as well work on your breathing.
  7. If your head has been hanging like a hat on a hook, be patient with yourself as you cultivate your new habit.

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3 Replies to “#164 – Head Hanging Like a Hat on a Hook”

    1. Hi Sean,
      Right now, how are you sitting? Perhaps a little sticky on the edge of the screen may help you develop your new habit? Do you experience neck pain/tightness.

      By the way, I like your blog! Will be commenting, later.

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