Mirthful Monday – Another Year, Another Mystery

The anonymously-sent Valentine's Day gift basket came enclosed with a card that read:

"I hope the wind is at your back, keeping you on track. That you never lack for love..."

For the second year running, I've been the lucky recipient of a gift basket. The gift-giver is like a well-hidden ghost whose presence is felt, but never seen.

Unfortunately, I'm not as skilled as the detectives in those British mysteries I like so much. I know that the contact is through my business, Auntie Stress. I also suspect that the person resides outside of Canada. Even though the trail runs cold, my heart runs warm.

So, from the bottom of my heart - thank you, whoever you are.

Do you like surprises? Here's the thing about surprises. Ask around and you'll find that some people dislike them...

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2 Replies to “Mirthful Monday – Another Year, Another Mystery”

  1. Ramana,
    Thanks for your offer, but I think it’s more fun floating the possibilities. I just hope the gift giver knows that I appreciate their generous offer.

    Was it you? 🙂

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