#151 – Flip a Top

Sometimes, even the slightest twisting and turning can be extremely painful.

A new tube of toothpaste resulted in a Eureka! moment. Have you noticed how flip-top caps are both easier and quicker to use?

I discovered that those caps are interchangeable - more often than not, the cap will fit onto a screw-top tube of toothpaste.

So, if you're getting frustrated with a screw-cap, don't flip your lid, flip a top!

2 Replies to “#151 – Flip a Top”

  1. That’s a great idea, Marianna 🙂

    It also reminds me how annoying and difficult it can be to open prescription bottles (or at least they are here in the U.S. when they are child-proof). I really should take the time and let the pharmacy know that my kids are past that young age so that I can have non child-proof caps and not have to press so hard plus twisting in order to open the tops!

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