#150 – Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Image courtesy of Allie Hylton

Oh, the money I've spent on shoes that I've worn only a few times!

I've found that if the shoes aren't comfortable when I first try them on in the store, they're likely not going to be comfortable later on.

I guess it is for the best. After all, when there are only so many types and styles of shoes that work, it's pretty hard to develop an Imelda Marcos-like obsession for shoes!

What I look for when I purchase my shoes:

  • A thick, cushioned sole.
  • Preferably no heels.
  • Supple leather or fabric that allows my toes to go where they want to go.
  • Supportive insoles.
  • A wide toe box.

If you do find a pair you really like and it's in the budget, consider purchasing a second pair.

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2 Replies to “#150 – Choose Your Shoes Wisely”

  1. Hi Marianna,

    Yes, I too have had this problem… I think part of the issue is that you cannot know in advance whether a shoe that feels comfortable in the store will still feel comfortable after wearing it for several hours.

    After enough mistakes, most of us learn the lesson that there is no point in buying a shoe that feels a little uncomfortable in the store – that little uncomfortable only gets worse… but what about the shoes that surprise us? The shoes that start out comfortable in the store and then give us blisters or start rubbing and hurting the foot in one place or another only after you’ve worn it for a few hours…

    I like your suggestions…they look like ones that will maximize the chances that you’ll be happy with your shoes after you’ve worn them for several hours 🙂

    1. Dorlee,

      Yes, what about the shoe that becomes uncomfortable only after wear? I can’t speak for others, but with my feet the way they are, I run through a set of criteria that immediately disqualifies a lot of shoes.

      Plus, I listen to that little voice, that will say, “Stay away!”

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