#149 – Thinkin’ That’s Not Stinkin’

We've all been there. The public washroom where there is no safe place to put your purse or packages.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the cubicle in the washroom at the Strawberry Hill Library.  A big round of applause to whoever was responsible for installing this toilet paper dispenser. The flat top allows it to serve as a psuedo shelf that is big enough to hold a purse.

It doesn't take a lot of extra effort or cost to make small changes in design that provide huge benefits. That's thinkin' that's not stinkin'!

2 Replies to “#149 – Thinkin’ That’s Not Stinkin’”

  1. LOL – I like your sense of your humor 🙂 Yes, it is smart thinking; they could even provide a hook on the wall above the toilet paper holder… that could serve for either a pocket book or packages. I think most places used to provide the hooks on bathroom doors but stopped doing so when thieves would take advantage of people in stalls…

    I would actually like an additional modification – for the stalls to also provide the individual soap dispensers (like in hospitals – the ones that don’t require water) because otherwise one cannot really be 100% sanitary – one is forced to touch your pocketbook and coat etc before one has washed one’s hands outside of the stall. What do you think? Would that idea appeal to you?

    1. Dorlee,

      Years ago, I remember watching an episode of Oprah where thieves were doing the very thing you talk about – reaching over and unhooking whatever was suspended. Taking advantage when the person is in a compromised position.

      Now, there’s a thought worth implementing re. the hand sanitizers.

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