#145 – Elastic a No-No!

You may recall that Vancouver and, by extension, the Lower Mainland, garnered publicity as the Third Worst Dressed City.

According to MSN Travel, an "insanely popular yoga gear brand" was partly responsible for this designation. Besides seeing this athletic stretch wear in gyms, it is also ubiquitously found on the figures and forms that wander the streets and cruise the malls of this coastal city.

Long ago, my sister shared a bit of diet wisdom with me: comfortable-to-wear elastic-waisted pants comes at a cost. One that can sneak up on you.

A slowly increasing girth is easily forgiven by elastic-waisted pants.

Save the stretchy stuff for work-outs, during a flare-up, or even while recuperating. However, if you're concentrating on maintaining or reducing your weight, remember elastic a no-no!

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