#142 – The Lunch Table – Choose Wisely

Choosing your lunch table is as important as choosing what you eat for lunch. You may be placing an order for something you didn't want.

A good mood may quickly dissipate when you choose to sit at the Complainer's Table at lunchtime - you know, the one where the boss stinks, the government sucks, gossip reigns and the world is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Constant complaining is a highly infectious virus. It can cause a drastic change in your mood, infecting you by dressing you up in stress.

As you flounder in the pool of negativity, your body responds with a cascade of fourteen-hundred chemicals - that's the stress response that has been elicited - although technically, there is no real threat to your life. The stress response is an inherited, pre-historic function that was necessary for survival. Woolly mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, oh my!

How you think and feel impacts the chemical cascade. Your beautiful body is responding accordingly.

Just as you have a choice of where to sit at lunchtime, you have a choice of how you think and feel. The great news is that you can learn and practice a new, healthier way of thinking and feeling.

Hint! It has to do with the heart.

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4 Replies to “#142 – The Lunch Table – Choose Wisely”

  1. I am a great believer in the laughter table. The world is full of professional moaners and I never want to become one. We all have aches, pains and worries but an hour in cheerful company certainly makes life much better.

  2. I am in total agreement with you, Marianna 🙂 It definitely pays to spend your free time with friends who cheer you up and who are your encouragers; they are the ones who will make you feel better and make you laugh. You feel rejuvenated and not depleted (or depressed) when you leave them…

    1. Dorlee,

      There are times when the talk is heavy, but a steady diet is certainly not advised.

      A comedienne, I am not, but the way I figure it, is that every comic needs an audience. 🙂 (If a joke is cracked, and no one hears it …;) )

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