#134 – Readers’ Roundup of Resources 2

I think that it's about time to review some of the comments that my readers have made over the last few months:

Stephanie L reminds us of the importance of keeping hydrated when getting blood drawn or having an IV done on A Hard "Start".

On Sitting Still Stiffens Self, WovenSongs mentioned an electric sit-to-stand desk for work. She also offers some valuable advice re. hoops on Hoopin' It Up.

When You've Gotta Go and the seats are too low, Ki shares a link.

Kathrin, Maarten, Raul, Grannymar and S. Emerson provide written support on Not How I Planned to Spend My Monday.

Slip, Sliding Away is backed up by some research, courtesy of Dorlee M. Check out the link she provided on Marianna's Law as Applied to Exercise.

"It's the heart," reminds Robert Hruzek on Mini Tree and Me.

On Big Hill? Just Ess It!, Casper McFadden provides some information about trekking poles.

"Think about the closure," suggests Dorlee M. on Baby, It's Cold Outside.

Grannymar shares another use for that long-handled shoe horn on These Boots are Made for Removin'.

On Why 365 Tips?, Nancy Glover shares the wisdom in Dr. Seuss. 🙂

Finally, humour - that balm for the soul - that elixir that exhilarates - is provided by Grannymar, Kathrin, Casper and S. Emerson on more than a few posts - you'll just have to go back to find them!

You may also be interested in the first Readers' Roundup of Resources.

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