#130 – Water, Water

Image courtesy of Graham Briggs

Are you getting enough water to drink?

One of the simple tests you can do to test for turgor (the degree of elasticity) is to press down on your forearm and see how quickly the skin bounces back. Or you can pinch the skin on the top of your hand. A slow recovery indicates that you may need to go fill up your glass with water.

Stephanie L. reminds us of the importance of keeping hydrated when getting blood drawn or having an IV done, which I talked about on A Hard "Start".  Water is also necessary to conduct the electrical impulses of the heart to each of the cells.

Muscle cramps or light-headedness are symptoms of dehydration. You may experience fewer headaches and feel sharper when you are properly hydrated. It's good for your complexion, too!

If you're one of those people who don't drink water, start small by increasing the water you drink by half a cup. Serve it in your fancy stemware. Add slices of lime, lemon and orange and make it an occasion to celebrate.

Water is a big deal, so why not celebrate? We can live longer without food than we can without water.

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  1. It’s easy to forget. When bottled water was the norm, we’d have them at our desks as a reminder. I felt them to be intimidating, especially the litre bottles; how could anyone drink that much water! Now I do exactly as you suggest, choose a special glass and make every mouthful a special one. In between the coffee, of course 🙂

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