#128 – Armed

Image courtesy of Sandi Baker

When I am in situ in my favourite chair - a.k.a. command centre -  I like to do a few strengthening exercises; especially since recent events have forced me to curtail some of my normal activities.

  1. With my arm at 90 degrees, palm turned inwards, I press against the side of the chair. Hold for 10*. Release. Repeat.
  2. Shoulders down. Arms at 90 degrees, I press my upper arm back into the chair. Hold for 10*. Release. Repeat.
  3. My forearm is placed along the arm rest. Press down and hold for 10*. Release. Repeat.

*I increase the intensity by holding for longer.

While someone with fully-functioning joints may question the validity of these light exercises, they are important to maintain and preserve function!

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