#123 – One Sheet to the Frost

Here on the West Coast, winter temperatures are usually pretty mild. It's not often that you have to scrape your car's windows before starting your day.

Having spent a great deal of my life living in North-Western Ontario, I was initiated by Mr. Winter; ensuring that I learned tricks to make life easier during sub-zero temperatures. Initiated by rheumatoid arthritis, you also learn tricks to make life easier, which I'm sharing with you in this year-long blogging project.

Tricks like this:

  1. Take an old sheet or blanket.
  2. Place it over the windshield - if it's big enough it will even cover the side windows.
  3. Lock it in place by closing the doors over the edges.
  4. Go to sleep knowing that instead of scraping your car's windows, you can linger over that second cup of coffee before hitting the road.

This is an environmentally friendly alternative to starting the car and waitingwaitingwaiting until the windows have defrosted. It is also a joint friendly alternative, since scraping frosted windshields can present a challenge.

Note: Those of you who are familiar with colder climates know all about block heaters and automatic car warmers. Here on the coast, a plug in dangling from the front of the car is a rarity - and a conversation starter!

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