#119 – Footprints

Two different footprints in the snow.

Two separate one-legged people? No, it's just me.

When I awoke from my second hip replacement I was horrified to see what I thought was a huge leg length discrepancy. The leg with the new hip appeared to be about three inches longer. I was cautioned that this could happen.

Oh, how I cried - until I was well on the way to recovery and the difference wasn't quite as bad as I initially thought. I think once the swelling went down and muscle memory was restored, I settled into my new prosthetic hip.

If I stand barefoot, you'll notice that one pant leg is about three-fifths of an inch longer than the other. Whenever I do a back float in the pool, you'll see it there, too.

It wasn't easy getting used to this. By the time my three months of recuperation was up, I had gone through all the stages of grief to where I am now.

At acceptance:

  • I know that every pair of shoes I buy will incur an additional charge. I have found a wonderful shoemaker who adds a half-inch lift to my left shoe.
  • I always wear shoes, even in the house because that discrepancy is enough to throw everything off kilter - after all, "the toes bone is connected to the..."
  • I know that I will leave my own particular signature... in the snow, the mud, or in a kitchen catastrophe - spilled flour!

When you live with a chronic disease, you will have more peace, less stress and feel better emotionally, mentally and physically when you move into acceptance. How do I do this? By practicing what I teach. By practicing techniques that activate the power of my heart, changing the chemical cascade that soaking in negative emotions releases.

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