About Dog Training, Stress and Me

Holly, our high-spirited, rambunctious rescued dog has been with us for a little over two years. Although nothing can be confirmed, I suspect that she was mistreated. When she moved in, she:

  • Didn't know any commands.
  • Wasn't house-trained.
  • Was afraid of men.
  • Didn't look at me.
  • Lacked muscle definition.
  • Was likely muzzled a great deal of time, judging by the funny imprints along her nose.

We've come a long way together. However, every so often, I have to go back to basic training with her. After all, she is a highly intelligent and stubborn girl, which is a challenging combination!

Call it what you like - back to basics, a refresher, habit reinforcement - it seems it's a vital practice for beings - both canine and human.

It's funny how a series of events can lead you astray and stop you from doing the very things that help you move through the agility course that is life.

What things have you stopped doing that allow you to live your life well? 

I had a pretty rough start to December. I realized that I wasn't doing my stress techniques nearly enough. They don't take a lot of time, if that is of concern to you. As a result, my perception of daily events had shifted, much like some out-of-focus image in a kaleidoscope. I've written partially about it on Quicksand of Feelings. Not only was I affected emotionally, but physically, as well, which I blogged about on Somewhat Out of Tune.

Learning to adjust your perspective is vital for emotional, mental and physical health. It increases resilience, enhances creativity, builds immunity, develops intuition and brings your life into focus.

Just like riding a bicycle, it didn't take me long to get back on track. I'm happy to say that the picture has now changed to one that is sharper, brighter and more in focus!

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8 Replies to “About Dog Training, Stress and Me”

  1. Carol,
    Thanks, Carol. 2012 has started off well with good news re. some lab tests I had done. 🙂

    We have that raincheck to reschedule. 😉

  2. She is lovely. Reminds me of the Doberman that we acquired with more or less similar background and we turned him around to being a wonderful member of our family.

  3. Ramana,
    This breed gets such a bad rap. We just saw Hugo and no surprise as to which breed was used as the attack dog!

    Do you have any pictures of ____ ?

  4. Marianna, I read your posts that you referred to and realize that I have neglected a good friend for too long. I have my own excuses, but I’m not looking for excuses, I’m looking to hook back up going forward.

    And now you have brought a dog into the picture! Beautiful. Look at the chain you started with your dog: first Ramana, then me showing off the pets we have loved. It is part of our sharing with you and I’m personally glad to be back!

  5. Conrad, if I had known you were coming over for a visit, I’d have put the kettle on and baked some cookies! 🙂

    I love how one idea is like fireworks, sending sparks and light into the sky, making beautiful designs (posts) elsewhere!

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