#100 – Paperback Reader

I like books. A lot. I always have one with me when I am out and about. You'll find one or two on my nightstand and an emergency book or three for when I am out of reading material.

My preference is for paperback books, as they are easier to hold and carry than the heavier, hard-covered versions.

If I own the book, I'll ask my husband to crack the spine so that I don't have to work so hard to keep the book open on the page that I'm reading.

Do you have an electronic book? Please take a moment and share your thoughts about the pros and cons of using that technology.

Addendum: I saw an amusing sign in the window of Black Bond Books that read "A.R.D.s sold here (Ancient Reading Devices)"!

4 Replies to “#100 – Paperback Reader”

  1. When I saw the title of this post my immediate thought was, wonder if Marianna has tried an ebook reader, LOL.

    I got a Sony ebook reader 3 Christmases ago. The thought was that it would be handy to take on holidays instead of stocking up at Chapters with books to read on the beach.

    Since getting it I haven’t been on too many vacations. (pout) But did take it with me last summer to England. Worked out great. Read on the plane and in spare moments.

    Some use the iPad for ebooks but I found it a bit heavy to be holding for an extended amount of time.

    I think a smaller ebook reader might be better for you so it is not such a strain on your wrists.

  2. Less heavy than a stack of books, weight-wise, but heavier on the heart for true paper book lovers…. The Kindle is light and surprisingly easy on the eyes, but truly practical only if you can manipulate the tiny keyboard and the somewhat finger-friendlier page-flip buttons. The main downside of an ebook reader is that you don’t know (because you can’t see) if you’re half-way through or nearing the end, in order to brace yourself for the finale or to be sure to have a new stack of books in the memory!

    1. Kathrin,
      “Heavier on the heart” when the things you love aren’t there.

      I must admit that each time I see one in the store, I seem to gravitate towards it. (Maybe that’s just that electromagnetic force that’s pulling me innnnnn.)

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