#85 – Marianna’s Law as Applied to Exercise

The more thinking you do about going swimming, for a walk or working out, the less likely you are to go for a swim, walk or work-out.

That is usually my experience, anyway.

If I sit around and think about it, I can usually think myself out of whatever exercise I have chosen to do. Recycled excuses have included: "Oh, I'll go later." "It'll be busy now." "I'm tired."

If I get ready and just go and do whatever I've decided to do, I'm far better off.

Of course, I feel better after doing the exercise, rather than thinking about doing the exercise!

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5 Replies to “#85 – Marianna’s Law as Applied to Exercise”

  1. This is so true, Marianna…All the time we spend on thinking about exercise and about the reasons why or why not to do the exercise are much better spent actually doing the exercise 🙂

    Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful tip!

  2. Walking is my exercise of choice. I always have to remember that the last mile home is all uphill! Today I stayed indoors, the high wind and cold do me no favours. Sometimes exercise is not good for my heart!

    1. You forgot one more – running after all your ToyBoys or is it BoyToys! (I can never get that straight!) 😉

      Do you have a regular walking route/routine? I know that your camera is always at the ready.

      For how long have you had your heart condition?

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