Does Your Marriage Have A Flat Tire?

Whether it's a new romance or one that has rolled easily along, life has a way of creating break-downs. Those break-downs could be as quick as a blow-out or could be like a slow leak. Regardless, both have the same result over time - a flat tire or a flat relationship.

Very few people drive around without a spare tire in their car. In fact, they may be better-prepared for a flat tire than they are for relationship break-downs.

Your married life can change in a heartbeat. Serious illness. Job loss. Relocation. Increased work load. Unexpected bills. Troubled children. Family issues. All of these events can put even the soundest of relationships to the test.

Without adequate tools and techniques, the stress that results from these pressures continue to wreck havoc, both externally and internally. Each bout of negative thinking results in a cascade of 1400 chemical changes, which affect you in the short and long-term.

Externally, there may be an increased incidence of addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, etc.). Communication breaks down and people may choose to withdraw in order to cope. Or, the number of arguments grow. In either case, intimacy suffers.

Internal changes include changes in sleep patterns, digestive upset, irritability, loss of memory. Stress has a connection to a number of serious illnesses. Over time, it may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol and immune and fertility issues.

Stress is defined as your internal interpretation of events that leads to internal strain. If your marriage is developing or has a “flat tire,” one of the best things you can for yourself is to ensure that you have tools and techniques in place to transform your stress. This allows you to look after your emotional, physical and mental health, and get back on the road, whichever one it may be, faster and with more ease.

3 Replies to “Does Your Marriage Have A Flat Tire?”

  1. I am sure you can hear me laugh from across the pond!

    My late husband would have roared with laughter at the idea of me having a spare husband in the boot of the car. Being able to laugh with and at each other were the adequate tools and techniques we used to keep our marriage fresh.

  2. Marianna, I join Grannymar in the merriment. In India, as in Britain, the spare tyre is called a stepney – euphemism for a mistress! And mistress is expanded by philandering husbands as the one with who one can miss stress!

    In case you are wondering, no I never had a spare tyre and since my wife’s passing away, don’t have even have a tyre!

  3. Well, now that I think about it, if someone has a spare tire, they are carrying a little extra around the waist.

    Maybe this was not the best choice of words, especially in an international blogging arena.

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