#61 – Dishing It for Relief

auntie stress doing dishes
Image courtesy of Kaan Tanriover

It was a particularly tempestuous night. The rapid changes in barometric pressure resulted in a storm outdoors, but also one inside - my body.

A contrast bath is a process of soaking your hands in tubs of hot (test first!) and cold water, for alternating cycles of twenty minutes.

As I was doing the dishes that morning - hot for washing and cold for rinsing - I noticed that my hands began to feel better. I was creating a contrast bath without being aware that I was doing so!

Who doesn't like a two-for-one deal? Dishes done. Fingers flexible.

So, when your hands are puffy and hot, forego the dishwasher. Load a basin of cold water alongside your hot wash water and do as Madge suggests - soak in it!

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