#60 – Don’t Be Left Cold With Your New Fridge

Our old fridge didn't owe us anything.

I made the reconnaissance rounds to see which designs would be available to us, based upon our allotted fridge "parking space".

Top-freezer or bottom-freezer refrigerator - those were our choices.

We chose the latter, for the reason that it would be easier on my joints. I open the fridge door far more frequently than the freezer.

The next choice to make was between the freezer drawer or door model. That was an easy decision. We opted for the drawer model because it is a one-step, joint-friendly procedure. For the door model you have to first open the door, then pull out the drawers contained within the freezer. In the drawer model, the contents drawer comes out at the same time that you pull open the freezer drawer.

It is also easier to place items into the fridge - there's less wrist and back strain. The slide-out shelves are an added bonus - it no longer feels as if  I have to crawl into the fridge to get something out of the back!

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