#57 – Perchance To Sleep

Sleep is invaluable. You know how much you need in order to feel good the next day.

If you have a chronic disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, your sleep quality is often affected by painful and achy joints. Stress is another factor that robs you of a good sleep. Unfortunately, the poor pattern of restless sleep can linger with you like a nightmare that you just can't seem to shake.

Three things that work for me:

  1. Giving myself time to rest throughout the day.
  2. Learning and practicing stress techniques.
  3. Setting up the scene for a good sleep, which also includes a dark, quiet and comfortable bedroom.

Perchance, you'll try these tips. Perchance, you'll sleep. Perchance, you'll dream.

You know how contagious a yawn is. Well, perhaps watching these sleeping beings will be enough to send you into The Land of Slumber.

2 Replies to “#57 – Perchance To Sleep”

  1. I’m sorry that you often have difficulties sleeping, Marianna. I love the video of the sleeping animals…

    Some additional tips for a good night’s sleep are:

    * going to bed at the same time every night (and getting up at the same in the morning) i.e., a routine is helpful
    * engage in some relaxing activity about 1/2 hr before going to bed such as reading quietly or taking a bath
    * do not do anything else in bed aside from sleeping or being intimate with your partner (no watching TV, working on a laptop etc.)
    * listen to a relaxation CD before going to sleep for nights when you’re having a difficult time falling asleep (if you are in pain, you may want to listen to “Beyond Pain,” a 15 minute meditation from Meditation Oasis (which you can download for free from iTunes – it may help ease the pain and help you fall asleep)
    * keep a pad of paper at your bedside and use it for jotting down your worries or concerns before you go to bed so that you not waste your precious sleep on worrying
    * keep the temperature in your room “just right” – not too cold or too hot

    Sweet Dreams!

  2. Thanks for your concern, Dorlee. I’m way better at the sleep thing since I regularly practise my stress techniques and combine them with a number of your fine suggestions.

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