#41 – When Three Legs Are Better Than…

... two!

I often find standing still more difficult than if I were to keep moving. It is especially torturous on the feet, but can affect the ankles, knees, hips and back.

Even when rheumatoid arthritis is not active, its effects can still be felt, especially if your toes are dislocated or your ankle joints are collapsing. The feeling is akin to throwing a few marbles in your shoes and then standing or walking around in them.

When I anticipate a long line-up, I sometimes bring this collapsible three-legged stool with me. The weight is manageable, if I have to carry it for a bit.

My only recommendation, and that is because I have longer legs, is that the seat height be a little higher. This was of concern when I was recovering from my hip replacement and wanted to obey that important 90 degree rule.

2 Replies to “#41 – When Three Legs Are Better Than…”

  1. Hi Marianna,

    I don’t know what the standard height is but I’m thinking that those in need may find it helpful if you include a mention as to where you were able to find this special height…My hunch is that most places carry the standard height and that the taller stool is one that is rather hard to find…

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