#40 – Feathering My Nest – Part 1

auntie stress pillows
Image courtesy of Michael Kaufmann

Foam. Gel. Microfibre. Duck, duck, goose.

There are so many choices, and all of them promising a quick entry into dreamland.

I've pretty much tried most types. Still, my favourite pillow is feather-filled.

What I like about a feather pillow is that I can re-position the feathers where I need them to provide - with a bit of bunching, clumping and squishing - support.


9 Replies to “#40 – Feathering My Nest – Part 1”

  1. I use down a duvet and pillows. They are lighter than synthetic, and mould round the body more easily. My body slows right down in sleep and I often woke in the night feeling cold. I discovered that if I lay a feather pillow across my feet they stay warm and my sleep is not disturbed.

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