#37 – How It’s Handled Makes a Difference

In an earlier post, I talked about using China mugs because they are pretty light-weight.

There's another consideration, regardless of the type of mug you get. It's the handle.

This type of handle puts a lot of pressure on already weakened joints:

auntie stress china mug

I look for mugs that allow me to grasp the handle with four  fingers. Like this one:

There's that small advantage that Terry was speaking of in Bunny Ears vs Round-the-Tree.

auntie stress china mug

2 Replies to “#37 – How It’s Handled Makes a Difference”

  1. Great tip, Marianna! This tip reminds me of when I went through a phase in which my right hand was hurting me because…I needed to replace the faucet and handles in my bathrooms. Over time, they had become difficult to turn and this, in turn, had led me to a situation where I could hardly use scissors to cut.

    Somehow the specialist I went to see asked me enough questions that made me realize this…so we replaced all the faucets and handles in the bathrooms and a few months later, my hand was back to normal 🙂 Although I remain sensitive to poorly set-up mouse and computer arrangements…Lesson to be learned? The things we use on a daily basis need to be used and/or set up in such a way that they are NOT going to hurt us…

  2. Dorlee,

    Thanks for making these excellent points:
    1. Seeking help when we can’t figure it out on our own.
    2. The importance of asking the right questions (digging and digging) to uproot the cause so it can be remedied
    3. Adjusting, replacing, fixing or adapting our tools so we can use them to our advantage and
    4. Being aware of what we need in order to do what we want to do.

    Wow, you’ve added so much value – to quote @ValueIntoWords!:) – in two short paragraphs! Thank you!

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