#35 – “How Can We …?” People

One of the banes of rheumatoid arthritis is that you are forced to do things differently because of the havoc the disease wreaks on your mobility. It may mean modifying certain activities or tools; in other words, finding creative ways to use the things you do have - including body parts!

I am fortunate to have several friends who are quick to ask, "How can we ...?" whenever they hear of a struggle I'm having with trying to adapt something to work with my physical conditions. They look for reasons how it can work, rather than why it can't. This let's-figure-this-out-and-make-it-work attitude is refreshing and motivating for me.

A big heaping helping of appreciation for you, my "team" members - the "How Can We...?" people!

Did you know that when you activate genuine feelings of appreciation with heart based techniques, your heart rhythms smooth out? This is a powerful stress undresser - one that is beneficial for everyone!

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