#30 – My Perch

How easily can you get out of a beanbag chair? That's what I thought!

For a person with joint problems, all low furniture resembles beanbag chairs - low, soft seating that seems to imprison you.

Prior to my first hip replacement, my husband and his friend built a "perch" to which they secured my recliner. I spent many nights in that chair, as  it was the only place I managed to get some semblance of rest.

auntie stress arm chair
My chair before
auntie stress arm chair
My chair with my "perch"!

Now, chair lifters are readily available in many stores. Bear in mind, that these only work if you have legs on your chair. The base on that recliner would not have worked with them.

I'm happy to say that with my new hips and my new recliner, I no longer need my "perch".

Do you care to tell us about your favourite "perch"?

2 Replies to “#30 – My Perch”

  1. I don’t have RA, but I do struggle with my back now and again. I sit on a couch with pillows behind me. Sometimes I swing my legs up for a really relaxing position. The take-away here is: don’t continue to do anything that brings pain and discomfort. The chair designers are not necessarily in your corner, so you have to shout at them to make changes.

  2. Hi Beth,

    Are the pillows firm enough to provide support and alleviate some of your back strain?

    I have been known to write a few letters in my time! 😉

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