#29 – Sit, Slip and Pivot

I was in immense pain prior to my first hip replacement. It didn't seem to matter whether I was sitting, standing, moving or sleeping. It all hurt.

At the time, I had fabric car seats, which seemed as if they were made of Velcro® - there was resistance created by my pants rubbing against the fabric of the car seats. I would try to get into the car with the minimum amount of pain possible, but I would have to shimmy and shift, inch by excruciating inch. I'd finally be seated, almost ready to go - for those who don't know, that simple, everyday task can take a lot out of you when movement is restricted and painful.

You remember Anne? She's that pragmatic physiotherapist I mentioned here. She suggested the following tip to make it easier to get in and out of the car:

  1. Get a plastic bag or one of those large plastic-coated shopping bags.
  2. Place it on the car seat.
  3. Turn your back to the car seat.
  4. Watch your head as you sit down.
  5. Pivot to face the front.
  6. Make sure that your seat belt is fastened.

6 Replies to “#29 – Sit, Slip and Pivot”

  1. Marianna, you need to slide that bag out from under the body before the car begins to move off. The bag can become a danger if there is an emergency stop, as the weight of the body will slide forward and maybe hit the steering column or windscreen. Slide it back into place when the destination is reached.

    1. G.M.,
      Thanks for bringing that up.

      I assumed that everyone does up their seat belts, which is what would prevent the sliding forward – in Canada it is mandatory to drive with them done up.

      1. Even with the seat belt done up, I noticed very little movement. It’s about the same amount as if you were sitting on leather or vinyl seats. Probably even less, but it was enough to aid getting in the car.

  2. Marianna, using seat belts are mandatory here too. It was the hospital Physio who suggested the plastic bag to me, and she told me to be sure to remove it while the car was in motion. Perhaps it would void insurance cover if there was an accident.

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