#27 – Electronics “NoGoZone”

Are you in bed, cozying up to a nice, hot...computer, cell phone or other electronic device?

Sleep patterns can be negatively affected by the allure of those sexy gadgets.

Make the bedroom an electronics-free zone. It's likely that your sleep cycles are already compromised because of chronic pain. Don't compound the problem. In bed, are you attending to the buzzing of an incoming text message? Perhaps checking your  email "just one more time" is more your style?

Each time you respond to the magnetizing call of your electronic device, you are forging new neural pathways and entrenching a habit. While it may seem innocent enough in the beginning, it can lead to the very thing you don't want - a restless sleep.

Be diligent about establishing and adhering to the rules about who is the boss of the electronics.

Hint: It's you, not the electronics!

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