Amp up Your Appreciation

Even animals can say thank you!

Did you know that by amping up your appreciation, you are undressing your stress?

When you activate positive feelings - ones that are genuine - you affect your heart rate variability. The smoother the rhythm, the better it is for you. Learn to tell when you've actually made the switch or are just thinking you've made the switch, which is what I did until I had the program to show me the difference.

Go ahead and amp up your appreciation by finding some small thing that has brightened your day in some way.

For example, while I was out shopping yesterday, someone sat down at the electric keyboard in the store and began playing "Fur Elise". I love that! It was a welcomed interlude to an otherwise dreary chore.

Your turn. What is on your appreciation list today?

5 Replies to “Amp up Your Appreciation”

  1. Marianna,
    An important message (really like your example of how hearing Fur Elise while you were conducting your shopping chore was a welcome interlude).

    Also, the video was enriching, especially the whale’s delightful ‘thank-you’ dance!

    So, thank YOU for providing this stress undressing blog!


  2. This is the MOST Amazing video I’ve seen. It kept me worried & excited the whole time. I felt like I’d helped. I sent this to all my email list. THANKS!


  3. Jacqui,
    Often, someone will pick up the guitar or sit at the keyboard and play. It was background music – this time, it was in the foreground and I’m thankful it was!

    You’re welcome – and thank you for setting such a fine writing example on your own blog.

    I know exactly what you mean. I was crying my eyes out at the end!

  4. Despite his very busy schedule, my GP insisted on coming over personally to remove the last of the plaster from the surgery wound post staple removal. He made a close inspection and suggested a course of action that the hospital’s doctor and staff had not anticipated. If that is not something to be right on top of my appreciation list for the day, I do not know what it would be.

  5. Ramana,

    That is CARE and appreciation all wrapped up in one.

    I’m glad to see you back in blogging action. Hopefully, it’ll be swimming action, too, as you once mentioned.

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