#15 – “Tray” Bon

auntie stress nightstand tray

The shrill sound of the alarm startles you awake. In your haste to turn off that cacophonous sound, you knock everything off of your nightstand.

Why go trawling underneath the bed to retrieve those errant items?

Place a small tray on your bedside table to keep frequently-used items from rolling away or falling off the table.

Mini French Lesson:

Okay, I'll admit it. I used creative license with the title of this post. "Tray" is definitely not the correct pronunciation in the phrase "Très bon!"

This is how I would help my elementary Core French students remember something about l'accent grave and l'accent aigu.

L'accent grave [è]: the accent is pointing in a downwards direction to the grave ↓

L'accent aigu [é]: is pronounced like that famous Canadian "Eh?" with the inflection (and the accent) pointing upwards ↑

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