#3 – My Logo

Without fail, each time I get my hair cut, my hairdresser tells me that my logo is now visible.

That logo is the scar from the surgery that fused C-1 and C-2 - the first two cervical vertebrae.

Bone was taken out of my hip, a few bits of metal were added and, after 12 weeks of recovery complete with sweating under a 24/7 neck brace during a hot summer, I was good to go.

I was told that I would have restricted movement, but I hardly notice it. The surgeon surmised that, pre-surgery, I probably already had restricted movement and had adapted to it.

However, I do find that if I'm not careful with where and how I sit, the rest of my neck can go into spasm. Once, when we were out for dinner, I was the odd one out, seated at the end of the table. In order to talk, I had to crane my neck to look at my table-mates, which was far from comfortable.

At the movie theatre I look for a seat that is in the centre. If I can't find one, I pivot my body and sit turned sideways so that my head isn't turned. That presents its own challenges.

Now, that I know this, I can do something about it and ensure a good seat for me and my "logo".

Tip: Learn which positions suit you best and more importantly, which ones will cause you -  dare I say it? - a pain in the neck.

auntie stress neck scar
auntie stress neck scar

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