#1 – One Day at a Time

Autumn is my favourite season.

Technically, autumn is still standing on the door sill, awaiting an invitation to enter. But, you don't have to stand at the door here. I'm throwing it wide open and inviting you in for a visit.

As Carol Tulpar beautifully writes in a post on her blog Essay-eh:

"That unique combination of temperature, light and fragrance that defines the beginning of autumn..."

There is a crispness in the air that signifies change. It's a chance to do something differently, or learn something new. Autumn is all about beginnings.

Then, Laurel tweets the following, which pretty much sums up what September means to me:

auntie stress twitter newsy gal

The importance of autumn has always signaled the opportunity for renewal, rather than a "fall"-ing away of the old.

And so it feels like the perfect time to launch this new blog...

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