Change the Channel!

I had the following conversation on Twitter:

From @zebrafinch Getting eco-depressed, time to stop tweeting. See you all at the end of this week. Resting up for HBOT, loooong walk to dr office. 

From @AuntieStress to @zebrafinch Great idea to walk away for the time-being.

From @AuntieStress to @zebrafinch I watched the doc. "Surveillance" and noticed a sudden plummeting in my mood. Should have heeded my own advice!

From @zebrafinch to @AuntieStress LOL, Marianna, saw yr tweet just now abt yr watching "Surveillance" -- you're human! Even the teacher is allowed. : )

How often does your mood shift based upon what you see, hear, smell or do? Until you begin to build awareness to these often subtle changes, you may not even notice that you are feeling differently.

To be human is to have emotions. Those emotions add quality and depth to your life. A lack of awareness, knowledge and/or practice, can cause you to get stuck in negative emotions. The paradox is that those negative emotions then generate more negative emotions.

Life happens. Death. Illness. Job Loss. Serious and not so serious events. Do you have the skills to neutralize those negative thoughts and emotions and balance your nervous system? Are you able to change your channel and switch to a program that is more enjoyable?

Start by checking your breathing. Are you using your diaphragm? Remember that the stress response is designed for flight or fight. This means that breathing changes. Prolonged stress makes these changes normal - you may notice that you are not engaging the diaphragm, but rather the muscles of the chest and neck.

If you're ready to learn how to change your channel, please get in touch.

What's the crackle of Northern Lights without awe?
That first kiss without a stirring deep within?
What's the sound of your baby's laughter?
How do you feel with
A near-miss while driving, a found set of keys?
What's your life without appreciation?
A harvest moon over the pumpkin patch
A meal to tantalize the taste buds
How do you feel with

Friends and family gathered 'round?

4 Replies to “Change the Channel!”

  1. How beautiful is that?! Oh how I needed to read this today.

    So much said in a succinct way. Just last night, I noticed chest pains, and, thanks to conversations with you and many others over time, I realized I was not breathing. I had not breathed all day.

    Immediately upon engaging my diaphram and switching to gratitude, to thoughts of friends, I relaxed and slept. We can learn. Thank you for teaching.

  2. Synchronicity strikes again. I am in the process of writing a post on emotions and reactions and taking unduly long with it due to the difficulty in finding just the right words. Hopefully, it should go live this week, failing which, next week definitely.

  3. Anonymous,
    I appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment and your kind words.

    I’m so glad to hear that you nodded off and “suene con los angelitos”. I had to throw that beautiful, if not misspelled, Spanish phrase in there. (Dream with the angels).

    Thanks for visiting.

    I’m sure the words came to you. Always when you set them free, I find.

    Do you want to share the link?

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