Got Tension?

I emailed Gail with a sewing machine tension question: "I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but regardless of which way I adjust the buttons, I'm getting bunching or pulling. Any thoughts?"

Gail replied:

"Tension is a funny thing in people and in machines. It's hard to control."

As I thought about Gail's reply, I realized how accurate she was in making the comparison between tension in people and machines. When people get tense, muscles do start to pull; the tightness may even feel like a bunching up in one area of your body.

As far as controlling the tension; it is hard. It is much simpler to learn to manage your emotions with techniques that change the signals that go from the heart to the brain. Rather than flight or fight, you get alive and thrive or alright and delight. There is a different chemical cascade that occurs when you feel positive versus when you feel negative. Notice, I said "feel" as opposed to "think". There's a vast difference; one you'll learn about in a short, targeted program.

When you regularly practice operating from the heart and see the difference, you'll find the tension, or rather, you won't find the tension!

By the way, the solution to my sewing dilemma was to purchase a different type of thread. Thanks for that suggestion, Gail!

5 Replies to “Got Tension?”

  1. You solved the problem before I had a chance to reply. The thread needs to match thickness/weight of the fabric and the size of the needle, before you begin adjusting the buttons or levers. It is also important to return them to a the standard medium when the job is complete.

  2. And the thread is always the villain of the piece till a tech service man is sent over by the sewing thread company and he will simply make adjustments to the bobbin and needle tensions, and the same thread will do just fine!

  3. Marianna, the background to that rant is that I sold sewing thread and garment industry accessories and specialty textiles all my life and continue to do so.

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