You’re Booked!

I was sharing a theory with my friend about how people are like books.

Some are like encyclopedias. Their lives are an A to Z of life experiences, filling many volumes with information, knowledge and skills.

Others cover a wide range of topics and interests. D.I.Y., drama, fiction, humour, horror, non-fiction, reference - it's all there, awaiting discovery.

It takes many types of books to fill a bookstore, just as there are many types of people that make up a community.

My friend started to laugh and asked about the book that is blank. Perhaps that blank book is like a journal, remaining in pristine conditions until the pages disintegrate from neglect. Or is that journal eagerly pulled off the shelf and filled with inspiration, colouring the world with hopes, dreams and vitality?

If you were a book, which type of book would you be? How many rewrites have you undergone?

Fortunately, it's never too late to issue a newer edition and change the contents and the direction of the Book of You.

5 Replies to “You’re Booked!”

  1. A tabula rasa. A new tabula every day.

    I do believe that my life has by and large been like that. So, how often it has been subject to rewrites is difficult to reckon.

  2. What an interesting analogy…I like the idea of looking at my career change as starting a new chapter in my life 🙂

    That said, this new book chapter is inevitably the result of all the A to Z life experiences that have preceeded this chapter.

  3. Fun to think about, hmmmm…..
    I feel I might be a dictionary. A detailed one, with derivations and lots of sentence examples, along the lines of the OED but not on quite such a grand scale.
    Come to think of it, in school I was nicknamed the Walking Dictionary. (At the time I was miffed because another girl was called the Walking Encyclopedia.)
    Now all these years later, I see the aptness of my old label…

  4. GM,
    Your blog belies that comment!

    I’ve learned something new! Thank you.

    We can’t wait to read it!

    It is fitting!

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