Mirthful Monday: Backhanded Compliment

The ten-year-old I work with often comes out with comments that make me laugh. Last week was no different.

We were practicing stress techniques while doing a cooking lesson. A perfect way to practice the stress concepts is to do them in conjunction with a fun activity that is of interest to the child. I mentioned that I would love to do a cooking show.

It didn't take him long:

"I think you're too old to switch jobs like that. Besides, you'd be so busy that you wouldn't have time to work with me."

Compliments. Take 'em when and where you get 'em!

3 Replies to “Mirthful Monday: Backhanded Compliment”

  1. Hi Marianna,

    That’s hilarious.
    It reminds me of what my sister said to me when I informed her I was going to have a baby:
    “Aren’t you too old?”
    Actually, I was pretty young then. Now my “Baby” is about to turn 24….


  2. I wish I could share some of the gems that my 40 year old comes up with for his, in his opinion, naive father. He too started off young!

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