Mirthful Monday: What Are the Chances?

"That drive is so boring, I could pull my eyelashes out!" she said.

"Did you know that the optometrist pulled out my eyelashes last week?" he said.

Once they stopped laughing, this is what was discussed:

Trichiasis is a condition where the eyelash grows the wrong way and irritates the eye, potentially causing scarring or loss of vision. Dogs can also be prone to this condition.

3 Replies to “Mirthful Monday: What Are the Chances?”

  1. Thanks, Marianna, for sharing that info. I had definitely never heard of Trichiasis before.

    That woman in your post has a beautiful set of lashes…this is actually bringing to mind a frequently occurring advertisement for lovely long lashes using an Rx that was actually developed/ intended for people with glaucoma but happens to also lead to long lashes.

    What are the chances that a serious eye medication would have lead to superficial beauty remedy 😉 ?

  2. Dorlee,
    I didn’t know that one could make eyelashes grow longer.

    I do know that often a drug designed for one disease ends up being used for another.

    Remicade was initially designed to treat cancer, but in the trials they noticed that people who had rheumatoid arthritis were going into remission.

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