Your Stress Muscles

Curiosity. Appreciation. Imagination.


The more you take time to appreciate the things, people, places and events in which you find yourself, the more you find to appreciate. Do you regularly stop to sing a song of appreciation? When you do, you begin to effect physiological changes that help to evaporate stress. A kind gesture, a good book, the ability to move, see or hear well - nothing is too ordinary to be excused from a simple and heartfelt expression of appreciation.


Stress dampens curiosity. Undress your stress and reawaken to the wonders of the world. Big ones, small ones and just right ones!


Does it feel as if someone snuffed out your imagination? It's not a big surprise if your stress levels have been mounting. A cascade of 1400 chemicals prepares your body for the flight or fight response; a different part of the brain is activated when you are preoccupied with whatever is stressing you. Creativity is sparked when you implement stress techniques that treat the cause of your stress and not just the symptoms. Are you ready to start flexing those "muscles" of appreciation, curiosity and imagination?

Do check out Michael's delightful, inspiring, thought-provoking and whimsical website.

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6 Replies to “Your Stress Muscles”

  1. Fascinating. So much so that I have posted about this in my blog and linked your blog and post in it. It will go live on the 13th morning IST.

  2. Marianna–I came to this blog through my big bro Ramana….
    Absolutely fascinating! I have been stressed out with too many assignments (am a freelance journo and editor)..and frankly my job requires all the three muscles that you mention…curiosity, imagination and appreciation. I still have a few assignments to deliver and hope I will be able to relax.

    ‘Curiosity’ brought me hear; and I am excercising my ‘appreciation’ muscle here aren’t I!!

    Please may I use your ideas–with due credit–for my monthly blog in a Women’s magazine?

    Great reading.

  3. Hi Marianna,

    Thanks for this very interesting post!

    I loved hearing (watching) how it is through Michael Wolff’s muscle of curiosity and appreciation that he is able to flex his muscle of imagination…

    I think some more flexing of these muscles for us all sounds just like what the doctor ordered 🙂

  4. Padmum,
    In response to your question, I sent you an email. Did you receive it?

    I appreciate your stopping by. I’m honoured that this post is a catalyst for one that you plan on writing.

    We all know what happens when we use our muscles – strength and toning! 🙂

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