Mirthful Monday: A Groaner

Last night at midnight, a man walked home by himself. Behind him, he heard, “bump, bump, bump!" He walked faster.

When he glanced back, he saw an upright coffin following him. The faster the man ran, the faster the coffin went.

Faster, faster, faster...bump, bump, bump.

Finally, he arrived at his house, unlocked his door. “Bang!”, he slammed the door shut and turned the key.

The coffin crashed through his door and the lid went “clappity-clap! Clappity-clap”. The man was terrified. He rushed upstairs and locked himself in the bathroom. His heart pounded. His head throbbed.

“Crash!” The coffin went through the bathroom door. The man reached for something, anything, to put an end to this pursuit. All he found was a bottle of cough syrup. He threw it at the coffin.

The coffin stops.