My dog trusts me enough to drape herself across me and be vulnerable. This is the very definition of trust - the ability to bare your belly, or your soul, to another living creature, whether four or two-legged, or winged.

When we are vulnerable we are saying that we feel safe with you and we know that you will accept us unconditionally (or at least work towards that).

Have you ever thought about the gift someone is bestowing upon you when they allow their vulnerability to show? This says, “I trust you. I know you will not hurt me.” This is an honour and a gift. Look after it with care.

Some people have had their hearts broken far too many times and now have trouble placing their trust in anyone. They have been conditioned and as a result imprisoned. Fear keeps their heart locked. Fear also prevents further growth.

Think about a hug vs a kiss on the cheeks between two friends. Which one brings you closer? I think it's a hug. After all, when we hug it's heart to heart.

The heart is our life force, figuratively and literally. We all know the story about the canary in the coal mine. Our heart is like an early warning system, when we begin to listen. It responds in a measurable change in rhythms based on our thoughts and emotions. Negative emotions result in a very different rhythm than positive ones.

When do you do your best work? When you're tired, angry, fearful?