In the “Neck” of Time

When we adopted Murphy from Doberman Rescue, it took a bit of time before he trusted us enough to look us in the eye. Over time, he felt secure with us. He displayed his vulnerability by draping himself across my lap or by rolling onto his back to expose his belly.

I like this as a definition for trust - the ability to bare your belly, or your soul, to another living creature, whether 2-legged, 4-legged or winged?

When we are willing to be vulnerable, we are saying that we feel safe. We know that you will accept us unconditionally (or at least, work towards that) and that you have our best interests at heart.

Have you ever thought about the "gift" that someone bestows upon you when they allow their vulnerability to show? "I trust you. I hope you will not hurt me." What an honour and a huge responsibility. Look after this with care.

Some people have had their hearts broken far too many times. They may have mistakenly placed their trust in those who were undeserving of that trust. Repeating this cycle results in conditioning and they may lose confidence in the kindness of others. As a result they become imprisoned by their own fear. This fear keeps their hearts locked and also prevents further growth.

Think about a hug versus a kiss on the cheek between two friends. Which one brings you closer and has more meaning? I'm of the opinion that it's a hug because we're connecting heart to heart.

The heart is our life force, literally and figuratively. We all know the story of the canary in the coal mine. Consider your heart your early warning signal providing you with valuable information when you begin to tune in.

Why not stick your neck out and learn more about what you can do to be more open-hearted? When you do, the signals your heart produces are very different; those signals can alter the way you live your life.

Think about when you do your best work or really clicked with someone? Were you open or close-hearted? In other words, were you soaking in positive emotions or stewing in the negative ones?

Who are you most comfortable sticking your neck out for and why?