Banking on It! How to Accrue Interest in the “Bank of Good Feelings”

It sounded like a chortling brook winding its way down gently rolling hills. And, it was the best reaction yet.

Whenever I pull out my business bank card, I usually get a smile.

After looking at "Auntie Stress" on my card, the Customer Service Representative laughed for a solid five minutes. I explained that she had just undressed her stress and with her delightful reaction, mine, as well.

Laughter not only causes you to breathe more deeply, but it also makes you feel good. When you feel good, you activate a different series of chemicals, ones which lead to more positive thoughts and actions. Think of it as making a deposit into the "Bank of Good Feelings", accruing interest, building resilience.

During stressful times, without regular deposits of thinking and feeling about the things that make you feel good, you run into overdraft. In other words, you wear out your nervous system and decrease your ability to withstand the storms of life - the occasions when your account is debited without your consent.

When the tough times occur, make withdrawals from the accrued interest - the resilience that your regularly restore. Incidentally, through regular practice of these techniques, it's balance that you'll get - between the the two branches of your nervous system; the epitome of treating the cause of stress! That's something you can bank on!

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