How Small Can He Go? (+ Draw to Win a Spurtle)

auntie stress nanotrayMaarten Meerman, known as @nanotray on Twitter, is “lathen” with talent, skill and creativity.

His creative projects showcase a marvelous blend of his engineering mind with delightful heart-inspired helpings of creativity and variety.

These works of art are shipped around the world and include a to-scale miniature of this historical chair, nano replicas of satellites, ballet barres (full-size and miniatures), as well as logo-inspired spurtles.

auntie stress nanotray 2Visit Nanotray and be amazed at his out-of-this-world work, which impossibly seems to improve with each successive project.

If you're looking for a unique gift, a whimsical item or original branding for your business, please contact Maarten to discuss creating and shaping your vision.

Are you interested in winning a beautiful, yet practical kitchen tool? A spurtle, generously donated by Maarten, could be coming to a kitchen near you.

How to enter:

In 150 words or less, tell us how you stirred up some joy for someone you know. The winner will be chosen from the answers posted in the comment section.

In the recounting of your tale of joy, what did you notice about how you were feeling? I'll wager that you were smiling as you typed out your answer. Shifting into positive thoughts and feelings is an excellent stress undresser; regular practice (and it does require practice) will begin the process of restoration and revitalization. Redress your life with techniques that leave you feeling grrrrrrreeeeaaatttt!

10 Replies to “How Small Can He Go? (+ Draw to Win a Spurtle)”

  1. I stirred up some joy by gifting a bag of cookies I was taking to a friend. Instead of giving it to my friend though, I saw a young cop working on Christmas Eve and knocked on his window and tossed him the bag with a “Happy Christmas from a cop’s wife who knows what it’s like being the one who gets stuck working the holidays.” He said I made his day. That’s Clint Eastwood said to do, “Go ahead. Make my day.” So I did.

  2. I answered a Skype call rather distractedly the other day with the greeting “Hi Beautiful”!

    The gentleman at the other end practically fell of his chair laughing, it was the first time in his life to be called Beautiful. He was still laughing when we ended the call some time later and he said it set the tone for the remainder of his day. 😀

  3. Will it be sent to India if i win? Even if the answer is in the negative, I shall leave a comment though!

  4. Joy my favorite dish 🙂

    I start with interesting but compatible ingredients, taking care to add a variety of textures, colors and shapes.

    To bring the various elements together I add a special blend of seasoning.

    Stir all together and cook over the highest heat.

    Yums 🙂

  5. I like Casper’s answer a lot.

    I like to stir up joy by focusing on someone who is going thru a tough time with a serious illness – usually cancer treatments – and every week I send them something in the mail that might make them smile…just hoping they might get a minute of relief from the tough times they are going through. For one woman who lived in another state, I sent an E.T. doll, a moving picture book of Elvis singing and dancing, a song card, a hand-drawn picture, etc.

  6. The gentleman on the other side of the skype call was me. I gave immense joy to Grannymar with my reaction and that was made more joyful when she discovered that I had just been called the stylish blogger by Delirious. Bang came another skype call asking me if I swung that way! I could hear her laughter without skype.

  7. Three years ago, we adopted a baby male tabby kitten. I don’t know who experienced the most joy, our beloved four-legged companion or my dear husband and me. Hope my familiar counts as a ‘someone’ in your contest, Marianna. In Light and Love.

  8. Casper,
    Ah, the spice of life – sprinkling a dusting of seasoning to stir up some joy to brighten our days.

    Your friends are fortunate that you are supporting them as they go through their tough times. A kind word, a thoughtful gesture, a shoulder to cry on and a smile to rely on – it all shows you care.

    And, can you hear mine? Laughter, that is? (Congratulations on the award!)

    It all counts, Christine. It’s about what makes you feel that bubble of joy. It’s restoration and rejuvenation!

    Drum Roll…
    The names have been placed in the hat. The winner of a beautiful spurtle from @nanotray is … Casper!

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