Heart of Gold Leads to Second-Chance “Tails”

I am fortunate to be surrounded by many talented and intelligent friends. Friends who are kind, caring and possess a keen sense of humour, like my friend Cindy. I briefly introduced you to her before - she's the one with a heart of gold who painted that timely picture of Murphy.

Cindy and her good-natured dog, Kone, are often seen padding through the the hospital and care homes in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Their regular visits help to ease the stress and negative thoughts and emotions of patients, residents and staff. This Halloween, Cindy (bee-keeper) and Kone (bee) buzzed through the hallways, positively pollinating the day with laughter and good cheer.

When Cindy retired as a principal, she also began volunteering at Thunder Bay Animal Services.

Concerned that a number of cats were being euthanized, she took some of them home to provide them with care and comfort; many began to thrive. Realizing that there was a gap in services, Cindy and a small group of dedicated volunteers formed Kitty Kare, a non-profit cat rescue group in partnership with the City of Thunder Bay. Their mission is to foster and adopt out rescued cats/kittens; educate the public on the need to spay/neuter pets; promote responsible pet ownership and prevent animal cruelty.

I urge you to sign up for their newsletter. It documents the work of Kitty Kare and the stories of the rescues, as well as the on-going work of the group. Through the dedication of Kitty Kare volunteers, these cats go from alarming to amazing. Happily, with proper care - nutrition, medical attention, shelter and love - many of these "fur babies", as Cindy calls them, go on to bring joy to the families who adopt them.

As you read these "tails", you'll soon come to the conclusion that Cindy and her colleagues have a great gift for bestowing names on these "second-chance" cats and kittens. There's Angelina, the big-lipped kitten, Cory (Ten Boon), named after the survivor of the prison camps. I'm sure that Mama Cass needs no explanation.

There is a special bond that forms between the pet and rescuer - one that I've been fortunate to experience with our adoptees. Making room in your home and heart for a pet that someone else has discarded is good for the heart and soul. It is a wonderful stress undresser, provided you approach it with the right attitude. Overcare can lead to burnout and produces stress.

For $8.00, excluding shipping, you can support Kitty Kare by purchasing About Mandu, the story of Cindy's first feline rescue:

"About Mandu is a love story leavened with gentle humour. It begins with someone who thinks she's incompatible with a cat, then feels the spark of attraction, falls in love and encounters a variety of complications. This true story explores their deepening bond, the struggle to cope with life-threatening illness and the support she receives from friends, family and professionals in both veterinary and alternative animal care. As with many classic love stories, the ending is bittersweet." - Bobbi Florio Graham, International Award-Winning Author

To order your copy, please email Kitty Kare.