Groovin’ to the Music of Your Life – Undress Your Stress!

I have been practicing these stress techniques that I teach for almost four years. From time to time, I revert back to my old ways of doing things, despite knowing better. What this tells me is that the journey that is our life is a process.

Sometimes, you dance merrily along, easily keeping time to the music that accompanies your life. Other times, you find that the music doesn't please you or you've that you've lost the beat. Perhaps the band decided to take a break? You may even discover that you are partner-less on the side of the dance floor.

How do you get your groove back?

By paying attention to how you are feeling. When you notice that you are engaging in non-resourceful thoughts and emotions, have techniques on hand to:

1. Stop the cascade of 1400 chemicals.
2. Add deeper techniques that move you into feelings that transform your stress.

I notice the old patterns creeping in when I move out of my heart. That's not surprising, as the heart is the organ that pulls the other systems into synchronicity. When your system works in sync, it works more efficiently and burns less energy, which leaves more for you to do the things you want to do. Think of the heart as a conductor that keeps the rest of the orchestra in time and on tune.

When you engage in positive heart-felt emotions, you will be back on the dance floor, swaying to the music.

How does that feel?