Wash that Stress Right out of Your Hair

As I was shampooing my hair in the hot shower this morning, a powerful memory washed over me.

Growing up on a farm was hard work; there was always something to be done. It was a rare treat, when on a Sunday afternoon, or an odd evening off, my parents would load us into the car and we would head out to one the many fine bodies of water that surround my home town. Lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls; there are plenty to choose from in the Thunder Bay, Ontario region.

The memory that came alive was going to what we called "Little Falls". It wasn't even a waterfall, just a series of miniscule rapids or washboarding underneath which you could sit and get cooled off. It was also quite entertaining to search for crayfish and tadpoles in the squelchy, moss-lined pools.

Recalling the excitement - yes, it was a big deal playing hooky from the farm - instantly changed my heart rhythms, so that the two branches of my nervous system were operating in an orderly fashion. The more often you are able to do this, the better it is for your health and well-being.

When you start paying attention to how you feel in a variety circumstances, it becomes obvious what brings your heart and body into a more coherent state.

Hair needs constant attention, just like stress transformation. The great news is that you don't need huge pockets of time to bring your system into balance.

Recognizing those moments that bring you into balance is something you can train yourself to do.

5 Replies to “Wash that Stress Right out of Your Hair”

  1. Marianna,
    How is it that just reading your eloquent stories soothes me?

    I got lost in your brief recollection of “Little Falls” and concurrently cooled off after a long, overheated day. Thank you for that.

    I so like the idea that by “paying attention to how you feel in a variety of circumstances, it becomes obvious what brings your heart (and body) into a more coherent state.” I’m instantly recalling what activities and events do that for me, and I desire to embed myself in those this weekend ; )

    And you also make a good point that you don’t need huge pockets of time to bring your system into balance. Though I crave day-long reprieves from “real life,” to unplug and refresh. there are times when a simple “hair shampoo” is all I have time for, and voila, my heart rhythm improves.

    Thanks for your continuous flow of encouraging words and pragmatic tools and exercises to enhance our well being.


  2. Ramana,
    So, if I’m reading this correctly…no hair = no stress? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad that you cooled off, amidst some memories of your own. I’ll look forward to “coffee over the fence” next week to hear which balance-restoring activities you’ve embraced over the weekend.

    May you always have your Irish Spring soap and a never-empty bottle of shampoo close at hand! ๐Ÿ™‚

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