Is Your Heart Wrapped-Up Like Baba’s Floral Couch?

I won't ever forget Baba and Dido's floral couch carefully and lovingly wrapped in plastic. This was a prized possession and it needed to be protected.

My grand-parents immigrated to Canada in the 1920s with very few possessions. When they were finally able to save up enough money to purchase big ticket items (a couch being one of them), they did their utmost to ensure that it would last. What better way to protect the couch than to shroud it in a strong sheet of plastic?

But isn't furniture meant to be used? That means enjoying it and taking a risk that it may get stained.

How many of you have taken to wrapping your heart up in an effort to protect it? You may have been hurt before. You may not wish to go through that experience again. Although it may not be wrapped in plastic, it may as well be. Your heart (and you) begin to suffer. The stress of living in this fear-protection-based mode deprives you of the joys of life.

In an effort to keep yourself safe, you are inadvertently keeping out the good things that come your way. Fears may prevent you from seizing opportunities.

Imagine if you were shrouded in plastic, just like that floral couch. You would experience constriction and an inability to breathe caused by a lack of oxygen. Not dissimilar from the some of the side-effects of stress.

One of the amazing things that occurs when you begin to practice heart-based stress techniques is that the "plastic" seems to melt away. Some of your long-standing issues, are no longer issues.

Are you ready to strip away the protective plastic sheeting?

3 Replies to “Is Your Heart Wrapped-Up Like Baba’s Floral Couch?”

  1. My Mum would never burn the candles that she was given as presents, always keeping them for a “special occasion”. It never came and I’ve made a point of lighting them all since then. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories, and what a cute photo, Marianna!

  2. I never did have the brains to use plastic covers for anything Marianna. Not even my heart. In fact I just wore it and continue to wear it on my sleeves.

  3. Kathrin,
    Thanks!That’s one dress I remember clearly – red velvet with white lace from Holland!

    I’m sure that if we compared notes, we could compose quite a long list of “special occasion” items!

    Love that you’ve broken with family tradition and started one of your own!

    I think it could be safely said that you had/have heart!

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