Ten Sneaky Little Health and Well-Being Tricks

1. You know that slowing down to eat allows time for your stomach to signal your brain that you are full. A good way to slow down is to ditch the fork and eat with chopsticks.

2. Long line at the store? Use this time to do some Kegel exercises, stretches and leg lifts. These are a few examples of exercises that aren't overly obvious.

3. You can easily reduce the salt in a recipe when it calls for cheese.

4. Long ago, I realized that a sandwich didn't need butter. Condiments like mustard or mayonnaise over-ride that buttery taste. So, why add extra fat? If you're having toast and jam, leave it to toast and jam.

5. Are you an impulse-shopper? Rather than getting angry at the long line-up. Use the time to reconsider your purchase. Do you really need that bag of chips or litre of ice-cream? Look at the line-up as the universe's way of helping you stick to your budget or diet!

6. A sure-fire way to ensure you get a walk or three in every day is to get a dog. They need to go regardless of whether or not you feel like it.

7. Struggling to fall asleep in the heat? Tuck an ice-pack or three into your pillow-case. You'll cool off surprisingly quickly and soon you'll be dreaming of swimming with the fish!

8. Always carry a healthy snack with you. For me, it's some fruit and a few nuts.

9. Are you getting enough water? If you don't like water, start by increasing the amount you drink by half a cup each day.

10. Red lights. A perfect time to check in on how you are breathing and feeling and make a positive shift.

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4 Replies to “Ten Sneaky Little Health and Well-Being Tricks”

  1. Always an inspiration as usual Marianna! Would love your advice on stress management at work on my post today on the Jet Blue employee who bailed! I think a healthy snack could have helped him! (;>) Do you have a tip for eating just a few nuts and not a lot?

  2. Marcia,
    Such a pleasant surprise to have a “visit” from you.

    Hmmm, tricks for only eating a few nuts? I’ve got a chart that suggests how many of each type is healthy and I’m pretty good about counting them out and then putting the bag away…immediately!

    I will stop by your “place” and comment.

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