Access Your Power

"Auntie, please come play Mario Kart Wii with me?" asked my niece.

How could I refuse that enthusiastic request?

As I was "driving" around the track - I want it put on the record that I don't drive like that in real life! - she continued to encourage me. "Access your power, Auntie! Access your power!" For those uninitiated, one is able to do just that - access their power - when a particular feature of the game pops up.

Since then, I've been thinking about how we choose and don't choose to access our own power.

Our power centre is the heart. Both literally and figuratively. It keeps us alive and it serves as our guide. When we listen to what is in our heart, we are able to do better.

The heart is the strongest organ in the body and it can work independently outside of the body. It has a powerful electromagnetic field, which sends information to each and every cell. It also conveys information to those around us. You know when someone is open-hearted, don't you?

Start paying attention and notice when you immediately feel comfortable with someone - what is their emotional state like? That's heart energy at work.

As I continue to practice stress techniques, I am better-able to access my power - it is pure, energy-efficient and driven by the heart.

How and when are you accessing your own power?

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