You make us laugh, and it is needed
You see our value, when our eyes are shrouded
You make us think; ideas are seeded
You hold our hands, and help us through
You sit and listen, and we're no longer defeated
You sing with us, our spirits are lifted
You believe in us, and goals are exceeded
You are a gift, for which we're grateful

2 Replies to “You”

  1. If only we had more of the you and less of the I in the positive side and more of the we and less of the you in the negative side, stress management, your forte, will have no takers! Unfortunately, the real world is full of I and the you seems to be taking the back seat all the time!

  2. Ramana,
    I had to go back and read this one a second time. It all has to do with balance, which tends to get skewed.

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