The Wish List

Ever hear yourself say, "Well, if you knew me, you'd know that I'd like, want, wish for..."?

Since we're all blessed with different degrees of cognition, and we don't always read the other person correctly, here's a suggestion: devote a section of your white board or fridge to The Wish List.

Here you can post your desires. Is it somewhere you'd like to go? Something you'd like to do? A job or task you'd like done? A gift?

Bear in mind that listing these desires doesn't guarantee that they'll materialize. However, it does provide a starting point, which may lead off into new territory - conversation, activities or adventures.

In the meantime, did you know that learning to undress your stress helps with your intuition. So, you may just get better at intuiting the right gift - hearing the longing or seeing that look.

What are some of the things on your Wish List?