The Teeter-Totter of Your Life


The sound of a school bell reminded me of elementary school and how we would rush out the door at recess, vying for a seat on the much-coveted teeter-totter.

Up, down. Up, down. Up, down.

Rarely, did we strike that gentle balance of being suspended, seemingly effortlessly, mid-air. Supported, yet free.

What is the teeter-totter of your life like?

Down - Buried. Depressed. Deflated. Are you always the one grounded - life is hard, heavy and going nowhere?

Up - Head in the clouds, forever dreaming, rarely accomplishing, floating along without aim.

Or, are you one of the fortunate ones? You found your centre -  your point of balance.

Your life flows. When decisions need to be made, you do so with ease. Your projects are freely sprinkled with creativity. You trust that you are able to apply a higher heart-driven intelligence to all that you do.

This can be achieved by balancing the two branches of your nervous system with in-the-moment stress techniques. Convey signals to the brain that say that all is well; that there is no need to prepare for flight or fight. Learn to circulate positive thoughts and emotions to transform stress.

The more often you do the techniques, the greater your ability to maintain and to quickly restore balance to your life on those days when it seems that you are the last one out the door, missing your chance at all the "good" playground equipment.

2 Replies to “The Teeter-Totter of Your Life”

  1. Ramana,
    Yes, there is a rhythm, a balance to life.

    I do recall using the word “seesaw”. I enjoyed the linguistic explanation. Thanks for posting.

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